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About Us

We are a family owned and operated sign shop, ThunderStorm Graphics, with years of experience in design, vinyl cutting and application. We started our sign shop in Texas doing a wide assortment of vinyl applications including all types of advertising from store fronts to automobile and stationary signs.

Along the way we did a lot of decorative vinyl applications as well.


While still in Texas, we did anything from automobiles to motorcycles, wall murals and even drums!

The pictures below are some examples of our work there.


In 2009 we expanded our business by going online with an Etsy shop, Walls That Talk, specializing in vinyl quotes and graphics for interior walls. In 2011 we closed our physical store and moved to Arizona. We did not re-open a physical store in Arizona however we continued with our online sales at our Etsy shop, Walls That Talk, and have now expanded to our own online store here -  wallsthattalkshop.com
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